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Amazing Home Workout

Lift the equivalent of 150lbs with our Resistance band workout set. Get a Full Body Workout in the comfort of your own Home, by using The DeproGun Home Gym Resistance Bands for the ultimate Home workout. You no longer have to worry about babysisters or making excuses NOT to do some exercise when it is as simple as this.

Why visit the gym when you dont have to. You can choose to do a Complete Body Workout or simply for a few minutes when you have time to spare. The DeproGun Resistant bands are designed to allow you do over 150 different exercises with a varying range of resistance/weight from the comfort of your own home, by using one or all of of the bands which allow for a resistance from 10lbs to 150lbs.

5 Resistance Levels

  • Black = 50Lbs
  • Blue= 40Lbs
  • Red = 30Lbs
  • Green = 20Lbs
  • Yellow = 10Lbs

It is Safe and effective because of the smooth movement from using your own body resistance, and the chance of injury whilst working out is minimized.

It is COMPACT and PORTABLE allowing you to pack it away easily out of sight, or to even take it in it's handy carry bag and use it anywhere, even when travelling.

Don't hesitate when it comes to your Health!