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Massage Guns

help to reduce stress and calm your body!


Voted Best Deep Tissue Muscle Gun in Ireland

Free Next Day Delivery from Arklow

Designed for Athlete’s… Made for Everyone…

Why Deprogun Massage Guns?

✅ Deprogun takes away YOUR muscle pain and helps YOU feel like New!

✅ We have the highest number of Professional Athletes in Ireland using our massage guns. Household names like Peter Stringer, Tadhg Beirne, Paul McGrath, Henry Shefflin, Philly McMahon, Eoghan O’Gara and Jack Byrne to name a few.

✅ We have Amazing customer service so if there is ever an issue, we are always on hand to help!

✅ We are a 100% Irish company creating jobs in Ireland most brands are British!

Free Next Business Day Delivery on orders received before midday.

When compared, side by side, with a Cheap Massage Gun, DeproGun Wins every single time, no matter what they claim!

Deprogun only use the Best Quality Motors which are built to last. Cheap massage gun brands use poor quality motors! Remember – buy cheap and buy TWICE!



Deprogun Massage Guns are a full-body wellness device that provides a deeper, more effective massage for longer lasting relief. The 5 proven benefits are – faster recovery, increased performance, improved sleep, better mobility and less stress.

 All our massage guns are made with Premium Grade Motors.

Amplitude – Our Massage guns extend up to 60% deeper into muscles for a more effective recovery.

Stall Force – Our motors do not stall or cut out when you apply stronger pressure.

RPM – Our RPM are capped at 3,200rpm as using excessive rpm can damage your skin.

Deprogun provide  An extended 12 month warranty Free next business day delivery on orders received before midday Easy returns, Outstanding customer service 100% Guaranteed Irish.

Which Massage Gun?

If you are serious about your recovery and want only the best, then the DG Elite is for you.

The DG Elite is the gun chosen by Physio’s, Top Athletes and Equine Centre’s all over Ireland. It is our benchmark muscle massage gun that oozes quality and craftmanship and is built to last. It is suitable for multiple uses daily and is more durable than most and is one of very few guns with an aluminium housing. It comes in a carry case with 6 massage heads including 2 steel heads for stronger massage. It has a stall force in excess of 24Kg (the amount of pressure applied on full power before the gun stalls/cuts out), has simple push button control with 6 speeds and features SilentSOUND Technology with a maximum RPM of 3,100 and comes in a carry case – Price €249

The DG Pro is a very popular muscle gun  and it is also suitable for multiple uses daily. The quality is outstanding and comes with 8 massage heads icluding an air filled cushion massage head ideal for massaging tender areas like the knees or shins , has up to 13 hours battery life,  has a stall force in excess of 24Kg along with the Elite and operates with a simple LCD button control. It has 7 pro speeds and a maximum RPM of 3,100 and comes in a water resistant carry case – Price €209

The DG2 is our best selling massage muscle gun and is amazing quality and value for money. It comes with a water resistant carry case as standard and is ideal for regular daily use. It comes with 6 massage heads and is operated with an easy to use LCD touch screen. It has 30 speed levels increasing in 50rpm increments at a time from 1,100 up to a maximum RPM of 2,850 – Price €155

DG Elite Massage Gun


DG2 Massage gun


DG Pro Massage Gun


Deprogun 30 Day Money back Guarantee


Take the DEPROGUN Muscle Gun of your choice for a test drive for 30 days. Touch it, feel it, get the full DEPROGUN massage gun experience first hand. If for any reason you want to return your massage muscle gun, simply send it back within 30 days and get your money back.

Deprogun 1 year warranty


All of our best deep tissue massage gun models in the DeproGun massage gun family come with a FULL 365 day product warranty. We stand by our products and are fully confident that they are built to last.

Deprogun Fast Shipping


All Massage Guns Ireland orders, received before 12 Noon will be dispatched the same day and are usually delivered the next business day with our delivery partners DPD Couriers.


Feel confident knowing that if you have an issue with your DeproGun Massage Gun that we are on hand 7 Days a Week to help you with your issue. Fastest way to connect with us is always through WhatsApp.

Massage guns help everyone’s muscles to recover faster and are not age restricted. Think of it as targeted treatement for every muscle, combating stiffness and muscle spams helping you to feel pain free and relaxed.

Deprogun massage guns are amazing for Plantar Fasciitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neuron Disease, Sciatica, Arthritis and Parkinson’s sufferers.




Spend 30 seconds with your DeproGun to prime your muscles before a workout.  Percussive therapy heightens blood flow to maximize load capacity.  In addition, the rapid impact activates your sympathetic nervous system – prepping your body for activity and sport.


Take advantage of your DeproGun between sets to loosen tense and tight areas.  Static stretching mid-set actually decreases potential and force output. Instead, the Deprogun mimics athletic sports massage by increasing blood flow and oxygen to re-activate muscles for the rest of your workout.


The Deprogun will help speed up recovery after a workout by decreasing muscle soreness and stiffness.  Reduce your lactic acid and improve tissue hydration with just 2 minutes of post-workout massage.  The efficiency and effectiveness of our Deprogun makes it one of the best recovery tools for athletes.

Which Massage Gun is for YOU!



DG Pro

DG Elite


Percussions per minute

1,100 – 2,850 ppm

1,300 – 3,200 ppm

1,100 – 3,200 ppm


Depth each stroke penetrates




Noise Level

Conversation is approx 60dB

≤60 dB

≤55 dB

30 – 50 dB

Stall Force

Force applied before motor stalls

20 Kg

≥20 Kg

+24 Kg



2,500 mAh

Up to 5 hours use

4,800 mAh

Up to 13 hours use

3,400 mAh

Up to 7 hours use

Contents includes

6 Massage Heads, Charger, Case

8 Massage Heads, Charger, Case

6 Massage Heads, Charger, Case






Single individual users designed to be used multiple times a week Single individual users designed to be used daily Multiple individual users designed to be used daily



“What can I say this massage gun has been a dream! Keen to avoid hefty chiropractor bills I put my money into this. This massage gun has not disappointed! First of all it comes in a handy carry case with space for all the attachments. It really is simple to start up with selecting the attachment, powering it on at the botton, selecting the speed and then starting it. It is very powerful!!

Make sure if you buy it to start on the lowest setting first and work your way up. Has helped my back, shoulder and thumb joint pain therefore can literally be used anywhere. I have a condition that affects my joints so it’s a must have for me now. Still haven’t needed to put it back on charge yet which is great so battery life must be very good”

Sophie Neary

“The percussion massage guns are really in at the moment, so I decided to give this a try.
I suffer of really bad lower back pain and I have used the ball and bullet attachments to ease the pain, and it does the trick !

It comes with interchangeable heads for different sets of muscles that really do make a difference in the way it feels. The battery lasts a good amount of time – I’ve full charged it and after using it daily for the past 6 days I’m not even halfway through the battery.
I love this and cannot recommend it enough !”

Lorraine Kane

Cork's 96FM Morning Crew having some fun with our DeproGun live on Air ??

by KC and Ross - featuring the main star, Victoria | Massage Therapy




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