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We are a 100% Vat Registered Irish business. Your money stays in Ireland & GOES BACK into the IRISH ECONOMY creating jobs.

Most other Brands take YOUR money OUT OF IRELAND. 

We got your BACK, shoulders, arms and legs at Deprogun ..


Baz Ashmawy on using his DeproGun

Welcome to Deprogun – Massage Guns Ireland, shipping nationwide from our offices in Arklow, Co Wicklow. We are proud and honoured to sponsor and to be associated with many of Ireland’s elite athlete’s and favourite celebrities. Check out our Famous Deprogun users here

Ireland’s Best Massage Guns

Deprogun Massage Guns will MAKE YOU FEEL AMAZING and is guaranteed to help renew your sore muscles, body aches and pains.

Who are Massage guns for?

Massage guns help Everyone from Professional athletes, to the not so active, muscles to recover faster.

Deprogun massage guns are amazing for Parkinson’s, Plantar Fasciitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Sciatica & Arthritis sufferers.


Take the DEPROGUN Massage Gun of your choice for a test drive for 30 days. Touch it, feel it, get the full DEPROGUN massage gun experience first hand. If for any reason you want to return your massge gun, simply send it back within 30 days and get your money back.


All massage gun models in the DeproGun massage gun family come with a FULL 365 day product warranty. We stand by our products and are fully confident that they are built to last. *** Some other companies only offer a 30 day refund or exchange on unused items only.


All Massage Guns Ireland orders, received before 1pm will be dispatched the same day with Fastway couriers and are usually out for delivery the next working business day. We provide FREE SHIPPING  on all orders so you wont have any nasty postage fees at checkout.


  • Our muscle gun or massage guns use percussive therapy which is the next generation in Muscle Recovery as it offers almost instant pain relief, speeds up recovery time, lowers lactic acid, increases blood flow, combats stiffness & muscles spasms and helps break down scar tissue.
  • A Massage Gun or Muscle Gun is Suitable for anyone, who has sore aching muscles. Think of it as Targeted Treatment for every muscle. Enjoy Deep Tissue Massage anytime, anywhere! 

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Which Massage Gun?

We know it can be really confusing for anyone looking at buying a massage gun in Ireland and we understand that budget can be an issue, but to be clear, all our massage guns are fantastic and are amazing at massaging sore, tired muscles. We are fully stocked and all orders completed before 1pm are shipped that day.

The DG Elite is our benchmark massage gun and oozes quality and craftmanship. It is suitable for multiple uses daily, is more durable with an aluminium main body casing, has 6 massage heads, inc 2 steel heads for stronger massage, simple push button control, has 6 speeds and features SilentSOUND Technology with a maximum RPM of 3,100 and comes in a carry case – Price €249

The DG Pro is a very popular muscle gun  and It is suitable for multiple uses daily. The quality is outstanding and comes with 8 massage heads , has up to 13 hours battery life, operates with a simple LCD button control, has 7 pro speeds and a maximum RPM of 3,100 and comes in a waterproof carry case – Price €209

The DG2 is our best selling massage gun and is amazing quality and value for money. It comes with a waterproof case as standard and is ideal for regular daily use, comes with 6 massage heads, has an easy to use LCD screen, has 30 speeds and a maximum RPM of 2,850 – Price €155


What can I say this massage gun has been a dream! Keen to avoid hefty chiropractor bills I put my money into this. This massage gun has not disappointed! First of all it comes in a handy carry case with space for all the attachments. It really is simple to start up with selecting the attachment, powering it on at the botton, selecting the speed and then starting it. It is very powerful!!

Make sure if you buy it to start on the lowest setting first and work your way up. Has helped my back, shoulder and thumb joint pain therefore can literally be used anywhere. I have a condition that affects my joints so it’s a must have for me now. Still haven’t needed to put it back on charge yet which is great so battery life must be very good

Sophie Neary

The percussion massage guns are really in at the moment, so I decided to give this a try.
I suffer of really bad lower back pain and I have used the ball and bullet attachments to ease the pain, and it does the trick !

It comes with interchangeable heads for different sets of muscles that really do make a difference in the way it feels. The battery lasts a good amount of time – I’ve full charged it and after using it daily for the past 6 days I’m not even halfway through the battery.
I love this and cannot recommend it enough !

Lorraine Kane




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